1 second is the minimum time distance between the first and second swimmer after 5 (in words : five) kilometers of swimming (photo finish from year 2012)

5 is the number of this year's jubilee mini marathon which will have the same number of races

9 is youngest swimmer's age, Sibenik protege Tony Slavica on marathon 2013

11 square meters is surface of Prokljansko lake

12 male and female swimmers did not skip any ofl four editions of the marathon

13 countries have so far had their representatives at Raslina marathon

74 is the number of years the oldest swimmer who competed in the marathon, the legendary Zadar Senior swimmer Vice Profaca

212 individual male and female swimmers have performed in Raslina during the four years of the marathon

567 residents live in this little picturesque Dalmatian settlement, according to the last population census of 2011.

1360 is the total number of so far printed commemorative T-shirts (including this year) which are the most wanted item during the marathon days

1:02:59 is current track record (held by Milan Marin from 2013).