This small but beautiful place, is a settlement on the west coast of Lake Prokljan. It can be reached by road or by boat, as many yachtsmen do on their way to Skradin marina . Raslina settlement was mentioned for the first time in 1298 during the foundation of the Šibenik diocese. The church of St. Michael was erected in 1457.

Not far from Raslina, we find the remains of ancient architecture and the nearby island of St. Stephen, first mentioned in 1322. the castle of Raslina, with strong solid walls and defensive towers, was built at the beginning of the 16th century for the protection against the Turks. No remnants of this fort exist. In the Second World War it was burned down completely. Inhabitants occupy themselves mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing and more recently tourism. Guests are offered accommodation in private rooms, apartments and camps, and several inns will offer local specialties, most notably fresh fish and local win.

In addition, the kindness of the locals, beaches and proximity to the Krka National Park make this peaceful place very attractive.